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(O.K. Kids)

There was a time when Kansas kids took the outdoors for granted. They just seemed to grow up outside. That time was spent working on the family farm, chasing frogs down by the pond, wandering along the creek and river, and scaring up rabbits along the fence rows. Kansas kids were no strangers to sunrises and sunsets, nor to the feel of wind, rain, or snow on their faces. Values learned from these times—responsibility, self-reliance, hard work, and sharing carried over into their everyday lives.


Our Mission
To provide multiple outdoor recreational opportunities for Coffey County kids with adults partnering and mentoring to encourage these opportunities, and promote and provide an active lifestyle as an alternative to sedentary activities.
Event Impact
This is a generation of children full of technology, constant activities and expectations, with strict boundaries set by parents and society, and a shrinking sensory world. Today’s children are not “missing” nature, because they cannot miss something they have never truly had. It is our goal to help show the kids of Coffey County the beauty of nature, an appreciation for the outdoors, and a desire to seek out more nature in their lives. By making this impact, we hope to help a child find a place of imagination, a place of fantasy, a place of peace, a place of discovery, a place of freedom, a place of privacy, and a place of transformation.
OK Kids Archery
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